1.86KG/M New Zealand Black Paint Farm Fencing Y Post

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Product Description :

Length:1.35m,1.5m,1.65m,1.8m,2.4m etc

Weight:1.58kgs,1.86kgs,1.9kgs,2.04kgs/m etc

Surface:painted, Hot dip galvanized, No paint

Usage:farm fencing,garden fencing


 Application of Y fence post:

  • For protective wire mesh fencing of express highway and express railway;
  • For security fencing of beach farming, fish farming and salt farm;
  • For security of forestry and forestry source protection;
  • For isolation and protecting husbandry and water sources;
  • Fencing posts for gardens, road and houses.

Advantage of Y fence post:

1.This kind of fence post enjoys an improved rate of 30% in its mechanical property and physical  propery compared with common steel posts with same section size;

2.Have nice appearance. Easily used, with a low cost;

3.Long service life.

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Packaging & Shipping

10pcs/bundle, 200pcs or 400pcs/pallet for vineyard Y post used for sale. Or you can choose other types of packaging.HTB1DaUtmf2H8KJjy0Fcq6yDlFXao

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