Acrylic transparent noise barrier

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Acrylic transparent noise barrier
Transparent metal Noise Barrier Acrylic acoustic barrier panel factory
Hebei Jinbiao can manufacture and provide many types of sound barrier, such as metal, non-metal, folding, vertical, curve, transparent, blind holes,etc. It mainly used in the roads, highways, overhead complex roads and other noise sources to achieve sound insulation and noise reduction. Aluminum foam noise barrier has the advantages of fireproofing, weather and corrosion resistance, good sound absorbing property. It has been applied in domestic and overseas engineering projects
Jinbiao Sound Barrier Advantages
• Good sound absorbing property
• Fireproofing, weather resistance
• Corrosion resistance
• Convenient installation
• Size and shape can be customized
• Light weight, recyclable
• Long service life, etc
• Painted various colors, and can enrich sound barrier landscape


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