Asphalt Geogrid HDPE uniaxial geogrid be made of high density polyethylene

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Tensile strength KN/m Elongation Rate,% Tensile strength with 2% Srain KN/m Tensile strength with 5% srain KN/m
TGDG35 ≥35 ≤10 ≥10 ≥20
TGDG50 ≥50 ≥12 ≥28
TGDG80 ≥80 ≥26 ≥48
TGDG110 ≥110 ≥32 ≥64
TGDG120 ≥120 ≥38 ≥74

Note:the above table is referring to GB/T17689-2008 standard. Special size are available at customer’s request.

Product Features

⇒Improve the stability and bearing capacity of the roadbed, and extend the service life

⇒Provent the deformation and cracking of subguarde caused by the loss of subgrade materials

⇒High strength,good fiexibility,anti-aging,resisting acid and alkaline

⇒The filling capacity of retaining wall is improved, the earth pressure of retaining wall is reduced, the cost is saved, the service life is extended, and the maintenance cost is reduced

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Make reinforcement for various kinds of soft foundation, enhance and improve bearing capacity of road,

make reinforcement for retaining wall, steep slope, dam and bridge abutment ubder stress status for long

term thus to improve quality and prolong service life of the project.

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