Automatic CNC wire straightening machine, steel wire straightening and cutting machine, steel wire and other metal wire straightening and cutting machine

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The wire straightening machine is a machine that straightens and cuts the wire at once according to the size of the customer’s needs for various types of metal wire.
The structure of the wire straightening machine: straightening cylinder, pulling mechanism, cutting mechanism, steel fixed length frame and driving device.
Working principle of wire straightening machine
The high-speed rotor rotates to adjust the angle of the straight wire die to achieve the effect of straightening, and then forward the wire through the wire wheel. After reaching the required size, the wire hits the positioning key and advances the runway by 5 mm. The upper punch presses the vertical wire cutter to cut off immediately. The wire presses the opening bearing through the pressure plate on the vertical wire cutter, and the wire automatically falls to Toss stand, if you want to change the length, move the positioning key
Correct installation of wire straightening machine
1. First place the machine body on a flat foundation, then connect the motor switch to the power supply, and then move the switch handle. If the rotation direction of the gripper is wrong, change the motor inlet connector.
2. Add oil and butter to all rotating parts.
3. Put down the protective cover before starting to check whether the motor connector is leaking. Connect the ground wire to the body of the straightener.
4. Idle for 2 to 3 minutes, then insert the wire into the high-speed rotor, press the wire with the wire grip wheel, and insert it into the cross-cutting wire cutter hole.
5. Adjust the angle of the adjustment die in the high-speed rotor to work normally after the straight wire effect is achieved


Wire diameter from 4.0mm to 10mm,

Speed: more than 45m/min,

Length of the wire :< 6m or at your requirement

Weight: 850kg

Straightness and cutting face is to meet international standard.

Directly deciding its size as well as length, the cutting is accurate and flat.

With strict quality control, best performance, durables and little breakdown rate.

Sound is slight during running, no vibration and to install underground screws not required

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