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STERLING  is a China manufacturer of series expanded metal fabricated building materials including rib lath and corner beads for construction. Corner bead is a kind of stucco render beads, available in Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum or Plastic materials. Also called casing bead, rendering bead or angle bead when applied to drywall angle forming. We offer metal corner beads designed with nosing and mesh wings. Processed from mainly expanded metal sheets. Metal beads without rings also available. Perforated metal beads also available upon request.

Popular type is Expanded Steel Corner Rendering Beads with Diamond Mesh Rings finished with hot dipped zinc coating or electro galvanizing.

This Expanded Metal Corner Bead has a smooth round nose bead with diamond mesh wings for the keying of plaster right up to the nose of the bead. On the outside is the finished edge which is where one side of your drywall knife runs on when you are applying drywall mud. The two flanges sit flat on your raw drywall. The diamond decoration along the length of the flange acts as a keyway for holding the drywall mud to the drywall and the corner.

PVC / Plastic Corner Bead with fiberglass mesh is new type of corner beads used in inside and outside protection in building room corners and wall molding. The square opening fiberglass mesh is flexible and strong with high tensile strength, can guarantee the corner of a wall direct-viewing felt, speeds up the construction speed.

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