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Expanded metal grating is the most practical and economical way to assure strength, safety, and a non-skid flooring surface.


Expanded Steel Grating offers four advantages over welded steel bar gratings:


First, Expanded grate is made of one continuous piece of material yielding a greater strength to weight ratio. Second, Expanded Metal Grating Floor has no welded parts, its flooring surface is naturally skid proof without further processing. Thirdly, the pattern and openings of Expanded Grating provide a wider range of load capacity flooring to meet exact requirements. Fourth, Expanded metal grating processed from same material as bar grating costs less for your project. 

This metal grating offers ease of fabrication, economy, strength, safety in industrial platform and stair tread decking construction. Processed from different metal materials including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, Expanded metal grating is ideal for use as walkway and tread plates fencing, plant runways, working platforms, and catwalks. It can be supplied in light and heavy loading type. Easily cut into irregular shapes and can be installed quickly by welding or bolting.

General Tech Information:

Grating Patterns: Diamond, triangle, scale hole, etc. Expanded Metal can be processed in different opening shapes, typically as: standard rhombic shape; heavy type Tortoise-shaped; flattened; and some special shapes or designs.

Specification: thickness:0.5mm-8mm
Hole width: 2.5mm-50mm
Hole length: 4.5mm-100mm
Openness: 0.5mm-8mm

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