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Uniform speed torque take-up machine Take-up machine This winding, the tension is stable, the cable is even. While the equipment is being wound, the operator can perform the next loading and unloading, which reduces the winding cycle and improves efficiency. The winding machine can complete the operations of winding, hooking, tapping, rotating pole, cross-groove, thread cutting, and alternating rotation, and only requires manual picking and unwinding. When winding the wire, the lead wire of the tap is always kept until the end of the winding operation, which not only saves the working time of loosening the tap wire, but also avoids the bad occurrence of winding the tap wire into the coil by mistake. Angle rotation, the operator can choose any angle positioning, positioning is accurate and stable. Tensioner, the operator can set tension parameters in the program to ensure that the tension of the coil is sensitive and stable during the winding process. The program is simple and easy to learn, fill in the form of programming, without the need for professionals to operate, even the first time to use the Mite program can also be easily mastered. On the random display, it can display: the rotation direction of the main shaft, the number of coils, the angle, the winding time, etc., when a fault occurs, it automatically prompts the content of the fault.Compared with the prior art, this winding device has a simple structure and a wire diameter The advantages are uniform, not easy to break and tight winding.

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Structure of utility model winding machine
1. Frame; 2. Wire reel; 3. First wire reel; 4. Second wire reel; 5. Support plate; 6. Wire; 7. Switch knob; 8. Adjustment knob.
The reel 2 is fixed to the frame I through the rotating shaft, and one end of the rotating shaft is directly connected to the output end of the power device. By setting the reel 2 at the output end of the torque motor, the torque motor outputs power at a constant torque, so that the reel 2 is at During the winding process, the speed is adjusted automatically according to the size of the winding drum, so that the moment acting on the wire during the entire winding process remains unchanged, preventing the wire diameter from being thinned or even broken due to excessive tension, or excessive tension The phenomenon of winding looseness caused by a small occurrence occurs. A wire device is provided on the upper right of the wire reel 2, the wire device includes a support plate 5 fixed on the frame I, and the two ends of the support plate 5 are respectively connected with a first wire reel 3 and a second wire reel 4 through a rotating shaft, and the first A wire reel 3 is provided at the upper right end of the second wire reel 4, and the wire 6 passes through the first wire reel 3 after exiting the wire drawing device, and then passes around the second wire reel 4 and then is wound on the wire reel 2. The rack I is also provided with a switch knob 7 for controlling the start and stop of the torque motor, and an adjustment knob 8 for adjusting the voltage of the torque motor. By adjusting the voltage of the torque motor, the pulling force exerted on the wire 6 by the torque motor can be adjusted. . When the winding work starts, first pass one end of the wire 6 through the first wire reel 3, then through the second wire reel 4, and finally connect to the wire reel 2, turn the switch knob 7 to start the torque motor to work, winding Start the wire work and observe the state of the wire 6 during winding. If there is a wire break and the wire 6 becomes smaller in diameter, immediately turn the adjusting knob 8 to reduce the torque acting on the wire 6; when the wire 6 is found to be wound When it is not tight, immediately turn the adjusting knob 8 to increase the torque acting on the wire 6 so that the torque meets the winding requirements.

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