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Brass perforated sheet are made of high quality brass sheet and being perforated on the digital control perforated machine.

It has the feature of good strength-to-weight ratio, wide range of open area percentages, accurate hole size.

Brass perforated sheet is particularly strong and used across many industries including architecture and interior design and in commercial and domestic environments. It is particularly suited to aesthetic applications.

Perforated copper plate and perforated decorative grille as perforated copper cladding are decorative elements in interior architectural design. The copper perforations have inspired new creative works by architects and planners, new visions for surface design and innovative applications of multifunctional products. The perforated copper sheet and grille have excellent moisture resistance, light weight and strong durability. This perforated metal sheet does not rust throughout its service life and requires no maintenance.
Finish: bright, highly polished, reflective gloss or dull ground.
Features and uses: Perforated copper and brass can be used for floors, wallboards, decorations, metal partitions, perforated metal elements and many other decorative and architectural applications.

Our round perforated metal sheet is very versatile and lightweight and ideal for several applications, including screens, diffusers, protection, filters, vents and more. The popular perforated metal, round perforated sheet metal, offers the widest selection of diameters, gauges, materials and sheet sizes. We provide round hole brass plate, square hole brass plate, diamond hole brass plate, and we also provide custom decorative hole type brass plate. Welcome to customize brass perforated plates suitable for your hole type, thickness, size and so on.


· Material: High quality brass sheet.

· Hole Type: Round, square, diamond, and other decorative hole types.

· Thickness: 0.4mm – 0.9mm. 

· Sheet size: 1.8m × 0.92m. 2m × 1m. It can be cut to your size.


· Anti-corrosion.

· Lightweight.

· Beautiful surface for decoration.

· Malleable. It can be shaped to different types.

· Spark resistant. Provides protection in environments where there is sparks igniting flammable solvents, vapors and liquids.

· Brass is clear lacquered to resist tarnishing and maintain appearance.

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