Palisade Fencing

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Material: Super quality steel plate.

Processing: Punched into different models. Surface treatment can be hot dipped zinc plating, plastic spray coating and plastic coating.

Uses: Palisade Fencing is used in fencing, decoration and security facilities for industries, agriculture, city construction and transport.

Features: This kind of fencing product offers good corrosion resistance, age resistance, beautiful view, simple and easy installation.

Package:Packed with iron pallet.

Fence height:1800mm,2000mm,2100mm,2400mm,3000mm.

Fence width:2750mm.

W/D Panel width:68mm,Panel thickness:2.0mm-3.0mm.

Joist steel size:100mm*55mm*4mm.

Angle iron size:50mm*50mm*5mm.

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