PC strand & Galvanized PC strand

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PC strand & Galvanized PC strand
Application: For prestressed concrete structure reinforced, such as large-span bridges on railway and highway, overhead crane beam, rock-soil anchoring Project, multi-storey industrial buildings, stadiums, coal mines and etc.
Material: high carbon steel
Strand size: 6.2mm-17.80mm
Tensile strength: from min.1470 N/mm2 to min.1960N/mm2
Zinc coating: According to ASTM A475 Class A
Standard: ASTM A416EN10138BS 5896AS 4671ISO 6934JISG 3536 and etc.
Packing: larger coil, 2500-3500kg/coil or as per customer’s requirement
Structure: 1×19, 1×7,1×3&1×2
Cross Sectional Area of 1×7 StrandCross Sectional Area of 1×3 Strand
All can be produced according to customers’ actual requirement

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