Platinum Plated Titanium Electrode Anode For Battery

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1.RuO2, IrO2 coated anodes are used in chlor-alkali process, sodium hypochlorite production, sewage treatment and sea water
desalinization, etc..

2.IrO2, Ta2O5 coated anode can be used in electrolytic copper foil, Al foil, organic electrolyte production and catholic protection.
3.Pt coated anodes are used in electrolytic deposition and water treatment, etc..This is called Platinized Titanium Anode.
4.PbO2 coated Titanium electrodes are widely used in perchlorate production and sewage treatment, etc..

1.Effective and enviromental

2.High current efficiency
3.High anti-corrosion property
4.Long time life
5.Keep the operating voltage stably
6.Small size &Light weight
7.Repetitive titanium matrix.etc.

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