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According to the latest surveys, most perforated sheets are produced with round holes. Why? Round roles are manufactured relatively easier with aesthetic effects. The circular die for punching sheet can last longer and easy to be manufactured which makes the round hole perforated sheet cheaper than any other perforated sheet with other hole patterns. Therefore, round hole pattern becomes the most popular shape.

Round hole perforated sheet offers the widest options of hole sizes, gauges, materials and sheet size for all types of applications. For example:

Round hole perforated sheet

· Cladding and ceiling panels.

· Sunshade and sunscreen.

· Filter to sieve seed, stone and other bulk materials.

· Decorative banister.

· Protective fences of overpasses and machine equipments.

· Balcony and balustrade panels.

· Ventilation sheet, such as air condition grilles.

The perforated sunshades and claddings can provide privacy for the building occupants without any view obstruction. Meanwhile, it features control of interior climate to reduce the load of air condition and save energy to a large extent. Perforated fences and banister secure the safety of people and keep enclosed machines and other properties form damage.

We specializes in manufacturing round hole perforated sheets in various high quality materials including steel ( mild steel or carbon steel, no painting, galvanized or PVC coated), stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass or other materials as your request.

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