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Square hole perforated sheet, punched by a square die, is known as an alternative to traditional round hole perforated sheet. With high open area, the sheet is often used as grilles especially speaker grilles to allow sound pass through easily while protecting the speaker from damage of vibration. Meanwhile, it also is used for shop fitting display offering excellent visibility.

The square hole perforated sheets prove to be multifunctional safety and ventilation sheets. For example:

· Machine guard.

· Air condition guard.

· Computer server chassis.

· Balconies and balustrades, etc.

They are considered to be versatile whether separation or decoration. For various applications, there are different sheets different materials, hole patterns, hole sizes and thickness to choose from.

High quality material:
We select the best materials for our square hole perforated sheets including:

· Steel (mile or carbon steel, no painted, galvanized or PVC coated).

· Stainless steel.

· Aluminum.

· Copper & brass.

· Custom materials are also available.

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