Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Mesh

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Expanded metal is plate or sheet that has been cut and stretched into a mesh. Stretching the metal results in a mesh with diamond-shaped spaces although many other patterns can be created. Many types of metal can be expanded, including: titanium, stainless steel, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum and more.

Material Steel, stainless steel and aluminium, titanium metal, nickel, etc.
Technics After stamping and stretching, the metal plate processed into expanded mesh
Shape of hole Diamond , square, round , triangle scale, etc.
SWD 0.3mm-50mm
LWD 0.5mm-100mm
Thickness 0.02mm-4mm
Features Cost-effective, Good conductor, Protective reinforcement, High strength, Low weight, Allows circulation, Acoustic properties.
Application The expanded metal mesh is widely used for civil construction, cement pouring, machinery and equipment protection, artware manufacture, high-grade speaker net hoods. It is also be used as reinforcement in the construction industry, roads and bridges. Expanded metal mesh can also be used as fence for sports places and road greening belt.   Heavy expanded metal mesh can be used for oil tank truck pedal nets, heavy machinery, as well as the working platforms, staircases and walkways of boilers, locomotives, 10,000-ton ships, etc.

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