Stainless Steel Wire Rope

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Stainless Steel Wire Rope
1)Material: AISI304 AISI316
2) Construction: 7×37, 1×37, 7×19, 6×19+FE, 1×19, 7×7, 6×7+FE, 1×7.
3) Diameter 0.27mm – 30.00mm
4) Packing: on reels
5) Standard: DIN3055 DIN3052 DIN3053 DIN3060 DIN3054 DIN3066 etc
6)Usage:Stainless steel wire rope are widely used in petroleum industry,
chemical industry, textile industry, machinery, precision instrument, medical instrument,automobile, decoration, fishing and other general areas
All can be produced according to customers’ actual requirement.

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