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Stucco Netting normally refers to woven wire netting in hexagonal mesh for construction.

Our Self-Furred, 20 gauge, 1 inch, zinc coated, galvanized steel woven wire fabric is designed for reinforcement cement exterior wall coatings.

Hexagonal mesh is formed with a reverse twist of 20 gauge (0.89mm) galvanized steel wire. It is furred on center horizontally and vertically, respectively.

Paperback Stucco Netting 
Zinc coated, galvanized woven wire netting with water vapor permeable paper backing.
It is designed for use as reinforcement for cement, plaster, masonry veneer and ceramic tile. Self-furring woven wire hexagonal mesh in rolls, formed with a twist of galvanized steel wire. Paperback Stucco Netting is furred vertically.

Architectural stucco netting is made of galvanized wire gauge 16 or 17, in woven wire rolls of various length or cut into stucco mesh sheets..

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