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The plastic perforated sheet is made of PVC and polypropylene plastic. Perforations not only reduce the weight of the material, but also permit the flowing of air, amount of light and visibility at a location, as well as ambient sound levels.

Polypropylene has excellent dielectric strength, excellent chemical resistance and outstanding heat resistance. The chemical resistance of polypropylene is outstanding. At room temperature it is essentially insoluble in common solvents. Polypropylene resists acids, alkalies, moisture and salt solutions.

This gray perforated PVC sheet is available in various thicknesses and hole sizes. PVC applications are almost unlimited. It’s the most widely used member of the vinyl family. It’s excellent when used for corrosion-resistant tanks, ducts, fume hoods, and spacers. It also has excellent weather resistance.


· Material: PVC or polypropylene.

· Thickness: 0.0625” – 0.25”.

· Hole Type: Staggered or straight.

· Hole Size: 0.094” – 0.5”.

· Hole Center: 0.1875” – 0.6875”.

· Open Area: 10% – 48%.

· Sheet Size: 12” × 12”, 12” × 24”, 32” × 48”, 48” × 96”. 

· Finish: Smooth.

· Color: PVC for dark gray, PP for various colors. 

Polypropylene pegboard system specification

· Thickness: 0.125”, 0.25”.

· Hole Size: 0.1875”, 0.2813”.

· Hole Center: 1”.

· Hole Type: Straight centers.

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